Zeal: A Journal for the Liberal Arts is an online, open-access journal with the mission of inspiring and fostering scholarship that supports and advances the liberal arts. The journal specializes in publishing interdisciplinary forums, author-meets-critics book discussions, and less conventional "Provocations & Occasions"—articles that, though worthy of a wide readership, are in one way or another misfits with standard disciplinary journals.

Founded by Villanova University’s Center for Liberal Education in 2007 under the name Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, the journal moved to King's College in 2022, at which point it was renamed. Ten King's faculty members currently serve on the editorial board. The journal will appear twice annually.

Recurring forums include:

"Ethics in Focus"

A forum about texts, theories, and pedagogical practices, regularly crossing philosophy and theology

"The Great Books and Beyond"

A forum dedicated both to exploring classical texts that have shaped the intellectual and moral horizons of the world’s cultures and to expanding the "canon" to include under-represented voices

"Liberal Arts Starts and Circuitous Routes"

A forum on career preparation and viable professional paths for liberal arts students, as well as on career journeys that put liberal arts education to unexpected use

"Overheard in the Academy"

A forum about the "real world" of the Ivory Tower—controversies over curriculum, conditions of employment, and other topics in the politics and economics of higher education

"Powerful Expressions"

A forum about how the arts (literature, theatre, visual art, film, music, dance) engage social questions, give voice to the unheard, and foster understanding


A forum dedicated to reconsideration of settled scholarship, especially, though not only, when it might benefit from the contributions of currently under-represented scholars

"Transformative Teaching"

A forum about the practices, philosophies, and perspectives that shape the liberal arts classrooms