Zeal seeks articles to be published as "Provocations & Occasions.” These are articles that, though worthy of a wide readership, are in one way or another misfits with standard disciplinary journals. Submissions will undergo double-blind peer review.

By way of example, appropriate articles might have originated as a response to a longer article or a lecture. They also might be written in a style that is considered inappropriate for a disciplinary journal: perhaps the article is funny, or uncommonly creative, or written with unaccustomed zeal. A third possibility, though not the last, is that the article originated from teaching and speaks to a question that is of limited interest to specialists, but important for a teacher to work through. 

Send submissions to zeal@kings.edu. Typical length will be 3,000 words, though shorter and longer are welcome. No abstract is needed; follow Chicago humanities style, with endnotes and no list of works cited.